Bankers Association of Malawi

The study period is very flexible in order to accommodate interests of various individuals but the Institute conducts examinations after every six months in October and April of each year.
  • Candidates are allowed to study and sit for a maximum of four subjects within any one study period of six months
  • Candidates must PASS a total of 8 papers to receive a certificate at each level
  • Candidates are only allowed a maximum of TWO Elective subjects at each level of study
  • Candidate are given a period of FIVE years to clear each level of study otherwise they are withdrawn from the program on accademic grounds.
Students wishing to request for exemptions in some courses or level of study are required to submit a separate application for exemptions to theExecutive Director of the Institute of Bankers. All exemptions will granted by the Council upon consideration of each particular case.

  1. Exemptions will be granted at the discretion of the Institute at the recommendation of the Academic and Quality Monitoring Committee.
  2. Exemptions will be granted to students who possess academic and professional qualifications from recognized educational institutions which are acceptable by the Institute.
  3. Applications for exemptions must be accompanied by documentary evidence of the qualification papers and exemption application fees.
  1. Examinations shall be conducted twice in every calendar year, in May and in November.
  2. The Council will establish examination centres and will from time to time review these centre in light of distribution pattern of students.
  3. The Institute will write all students advising them of established examinations centres and each student to indicate a centre he/she would like to sit for examinations, four weeks before the examination date.

All examination fees are payable to the Institute of Bankers by end August for October examinations and by end February for April examinations.

  1. If for any reason a student has failed to sitfor examinations after paying examination fees, the fees will be carried forward and the student will be allowed to sit for the next examinations provided that notification for such change is received by the Institute two weeks before the examination date.
  2. Failure to do so shall mean the examination fees will be forfeited. However, such students will be requested to pay an administration handlingfee which will be equivalent to 20% of the total examination fees paid.
  3. Similarly, if a student wants to withdraw from examinations after paying the fees, the Institute will deduct 20% from fees already paid as handling fee and reimburse the balance.
  4. Students will only be allowed to defer examinations twice and any further deferments on other grounds other than due to illness or death ofa close relative will not be allowed. In such cases, the examination fees will be forfeited.
  1. Examination results will be ready within two months from the date on which the last examination paper is written.
  2. All candidates will be notified of the examination results by mail. The results may be published in a manner to be determined by the Council. The results may be given to institutions and employers at their request.
  1. Examinations will be marked out of 100 percent and results will be reported as follows:
    • 75 and above Distinction
    • 60-74 Credit
    • 50-59 Pass
    • 0-49 Fail
  2. Candidates who fulfill the requirements for the Certificate will be issued with a certificate within reasonable time.
  3. Examination irregularities of any kind will be dealt with by the Council at the recommendation of the Academic and Quality Monitoring Committee.
Soche Technical College
Lilongwe National College of Information & Technology (NACIT) along Paul Kagame Road
Mzuzu St John of God Community Services, Off M1 road to Ekwendeni, Namizu area