Bankers Association of Malawi

Examination Fees

Please note that you will be given specific information on fees deposit. An invoice will be issued to you via your email once you log in into our website and register for your examinations. Details of the procedures will be communicated to you by next week. Meanwhile do not deposit anything in IOB account until you hear from the Institute.

In view of this new development, all students sitting for the November 2013 examinations will be given special examination numbers. Every semester these examination numbers will be changed once you have paid for your examinations and annual subscription fees. If you do not have your examination number by 20th of March and November of each year and yet you have paid for fees, you need to contact our offices.

Please note that you will still maintain your IOB number which is your identification number as our student. This number will not be used when writing your examinations. A special number will be generated and communicated to you. The communication will act as an invitation to the examination.

Make sure that you deposit the exact amount of funds for that particular semester. We will not entertain any refunds.

Please note that with immediate effect the Institute has made changes on its fee structure as follows:

Examination Fees:

Fees received by 31st March and 30th September for May and November session respectively.

Certificate level = K22,000.00/subject
Diploma level = K24,000.00/subject
Advanced diploma level = K25,000.00/subject
Penalty Fees to be received by 10th April and 10th October for May and November sessions respectively.

Certificate level
Diploma level = K33,600.00/subject
Advanced diploma level = K35,000.00/subject
Resitting fees = K10,000/subject
Exemption Fees = K15, 000 per subject
Remark Fees = K15, 000 per paper

Penalty fee for writing exams without payment: K30, 000 per paper.

***Please note there are no module fees from now onwards. When paying for examination fees, make sure that you fill up your examination registration form and send it together with your stamped deposit slip to the Institute.***